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Please note the Windows 8 compatibility notice below!

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Note: To ensure our customers feel comfortable with this process we advise that they remain on the phone and in front of the computer throughout the remote support session.

Security: The connection used for this process is encrypted end to end, so the level of security is very high. Once your issue has been resolved the Remote Support connection will be terminated; and there is no way for us to remotely control your system after this point.

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Please note that Server Migrations must be scheduled in advance.


Server 2012 is not supported at this time. We are currently working on this issue.

Microsoft’s new operating system Windows  8 is now shipping with most new computers. As we saw with Windows 7  and Office 2010, new software versions often contain updates that conflict with software that was written and designed to a different standard.

DecisionBase has determined that there are a few areas of concern for our client’s when they choose to run these new software versions, not just with DecisionBase software, but other software applications that you may be using. Windows 8 offers many new features not found in previous versions of Windows which means that moving to Windows 8 on some of your computers may require modification of your practice network. Generally, we (along with many IT consultants) recommend a “conservative path” to migrating to new versions of Windows or Office: wait until the first “Service Pack” has been released by Microsoft as this will usually reduce problems with the early version. Before buying Windows 8, we invite you to give us a call at 1-877-246-4164 to discuss how best to integrate these new technologies into your office.

Known issues with TiME and Windows 8 include:

You must be on DecisionBase version 5.1 before you can install on Windows 8

Before installation:

  • Disable UAC
  • Install as an administrator

After installation:

  • You may notice that MS Word will come up minimized on the taskbar

Upgrading to Windows 7 or 8?

Upgrading the operating system or replacing a workstation will require a new license.  When you launch DecisionBase for the first time you will get a registration code. Copy and paste this code into an email to and we will send you back a license key which you can copy and paste right into the registration screen.

The client install included with your installation package will work on both 32 and 64 bit machines however Windows will force the install into the Program Files (x86) folder on 64 machines. If you are integrating from Practice Management programs like Perio Exec you may need to use the following tool.

64 Bit folder redirection

Possible permission Issues on Windows 7 and 8

After installing and registering the software, if you receive an error on launch. Right click on the install folder “TimeDental” and give your users full rights.

If you are launching DecisionBase from a Practice Management program right click on the program icon and set it to run as an “Administrator”.

Most Practice Management programs will need access to a file called “Clinical.ini” in the windows folder which is locked down by default. Create the file in another location and copy to the windows folder and give your users full rights to the file.

Version 5.0 and Windows 7 Issue

The dashboard may have a black area in the upper left area. Right click on the Time.Gui.Exe found in the installation TimeDental folder, choose “Compatibility” and then check “Disable Visual Themes”

Possible Alignment issue

Dashboard alignment









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