What does it do?

  • After making selections from procedure specific checklists, DecisionBase creates your chart notes without typing.
  • Organized to the workflow of each clinical procedure.  Uses a standardized glossary of over 20,000 terms and phrases to build your clinical records.
  • By building Chart Notes based on the proactive selections of the user, this method does not have the medical-legal vulnerability of preformed template based records
  • Letters or reports to patients, dentists, or physicians are automatically created from your chart notes.
  • Our document library contains over 200 customizable templates for letters, instructions and consents. You can also create and add your own templates.
  • Main display presents a profile of the patient‘s treatment plan, medications prescribed, alerts and modifiers, summary of general health, graphical tooth display and a “Table of Contents” to all chart notes and other clinically related documents
  • All documents can be e-mailed directly from DecisionBase’s contact list.  No need to set up Outlook or any similar e-mail client.
  • DecisionBase is the dashboard to all clinical information for your patients.  It can be set up to launch any other software on your local network or any website or knowledge base in the Cloud
  • A comprehensive graphical periodontal chart displaying data graphically and in a spreadsheet format.  It is also customizable to each user’s manner of charting.
  • Detailed anesthesia record for light, moderate or deep sedation with ability to connect to NIBP monitor.
  • Instantly send a prescription directly to a patient’s pharmacy using a SureScripts certified method
  • Displays a list of all medications prescribed for a patient within the past year by any pharmacy in the U.S.
  • Performs a drug interaction analysis identifying negative interactions with medications you might prescribe.
  • Image files from digital cameras, scanned images of paper documents and pdf files can be imported into a patient’s chart.
  • View your patient’s record from anywhere you have Wi-Fi connectivity on your Tablet PC, iPad or Android tablet – anywhere in the world.
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