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My doctor’s experience with an EMR

I spent an interesting visit with my internist yesterday for a periodic exam.  She and her two colleagues have implemented the use of an EMR into their practice as have almost 90% of physicians in private practice in the U.S.  As an EHR developer for dentistry, I have been very curious about her opinions of how the process has gone.

Certainly the financial incentives offered by the HITECH Act of 2009 made their decision to convert from paper charts to digital records more attractive.  She does not like the amount of typing she has to do to enter notes – admitting that she is not a good typist.  But, that said, looking back on the process and where they are today, she and her partners would never go back to paper charts.  They are now realizing the benefits gained from digital records that were never envisioned from a background of paper chart use and they also appreciated the increase in administrative efficiency that the practice had achieved.

This reminded me of a conversation with one of DecisionBase’s users in Rockwall, Texas who commented after 3 years of using our EHR: “Dr Rhodes, while feeling very grateful about what you have created, I feel that in some ways you are similar to a drug pusher: Once hooked on your software, there is no way I would ever go back to paper records.”

So won’t you share your comments of how DecisionBase have impacted you and your practice?

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Tom Goetz of Wired Magazine compliments Dentistry for successfully educating and motivating a patient to better oral health.

He goes on to show how medicine in general can use graphical presentation of medical data (lab results) to make it easier for patients to understand their health status and by doing so, better motivate them to act on this new information. Just  like how the bar graphs of pocket depths on the tooth graphics in the DecisionBase periodontal chart use color and graphics to show people the depth (severity) of their problem.

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Interview of Dr. Atul Gawande: The Power of Checklists

Dr. Atul Gawande is an Endocrine Surgeon and New Yorker magazine journalist who has described how check lists have enhanced healthcare on Charlie Rose’s TV show. He has uniquely applied checklists to medical practice in hospital ICU’s and surgical OR’s which have resulted in enhanced quality of care by reducing errors.

This use of checklists is at the heart of how you create chart notes in the DecisionBase clinical digital chart where it could help to increase the attention to detail that has enhanced healthcare in hospitals.

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