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Paul Rhodes has practiced as a general dentist and a dental specialist, in hospital settings, group practice and solo practice as well as two years in full-time dental academics.  During the past three decades, he has presented over 150 lectures to dental groups in the U.S. and abroad.  His primary focus has been on reconstructive and esthetic periodontal surgery, oral regenerative surgery and implant surgery

Twenty five years ago Dr. Rhodes was instrumental in the formation of The Dentist’s Insurance Company – a professional liability insurance provider to over 15,000 dentists throughout the U.S.  He has been an expert witness or consultant on over 250 cases.  In many of these situations, it appeared unlikely that the dentist’s care was at fault, but the lack of adequate documentation left the dentist defenseless. That motivated him to develop more efficient and effective ways to collect, analyze and communicate clinical information.

Twenty years ago he became interested in applying new digital technologies to his practice.  By 1990 he was applying tissue engineering to his practice through the utilization of growth factor preparations to enhance regenerative surgical outcomes; the use of magnification including an operating microscope to raise the level of his surgical outcomes; the use of digital radiography and an intraoral camera to collect enhanced diagnostic information and document the quality of treatment outcomes.
Fifteen years ago his practice transitioned from a paper based records system to a comprehensive computer-based information system.  He has maintained all information digitally in his practice ever since.

With his dental and technology experience over the past three-plus decades, Rhodes is now focusing his career on educating his colleagues on the use of advanced technologies in their practices to achieve higher quality, more efficient communication, reduced administrative time and costs and to reduce the burden of  keeping up with charts, dictation and correspondence. He has already assisted over 100 practices in designing and implementing technology solutions for their practices including ergonomic solutions for computer utilization in the treatment areas of their practices.  He views the computer in the treatment or consultation room as another essential tool to enhance the diagnosis and delivery of quality dental care.

Few dentists would consider designing, building providing or maintaining their own dental chair or other dental equipment.  Computers, software and a practice network should be treated similarly.  Solutions for these “tools” is best provided by consulting with experts in this area, just as they would do in designing, building and setting up other dental equipment & instrumentation in their practices.

The sole function of this website is to provide dentists with the information needed to move their practices forward in the use of modern technologies to increase quality and reduce time and costs.

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