What a Clever Way of Finding Out the Truth

I had several web-conferences and phone conversations with a most unusual practice manager of a perio-pros practice in British Columbia.  I phoned her two weeks after providing her with a list of DecisionBase users for her to contact.  She commented that after speaking with only two of them, she had enough information to report to her doctors.  She had not spoken with any of the doctors whom I had provided for her, but to their dental assistants.  She only asked them one question: “If the doctor told you that starting next week the practice would be going back to using paper records, what would your reaction be to that change?”  She said that the first reaction of both assistants was to scream.  Then they both said that they would most likely look for a position with another practice or they would rally the staff to convince the doctor that this change would not be acceptable   I thought that this was a very clever way of finding out the level of satisfaction with DecisionBase in these practices.

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